What Could a Storm Cost You?

With the recent uptick in severe weather, it is important to know how to keep the home protected from Mother Nature. "Building as usual" is no longer an option. Selecting the proper construction materials is paramount to prevent future damage from wind driven rain, snow and ice, and to ensure the home is built to last.

The infographic below reveals the property damage storms can cause and the costs associated with repairing the roof, walls and basement of the home. For homeowners, making a small investment in waterproofing materials now can make a big difference in the future.

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Natural Disasters Around the Country & Effects of the Storm:
Do you know what a storm could cost you? Across the country last year, natural disasters—from floods to tornados, totaled $140,000,000,000 in property damages. The most common damages to the home after a storm are leaky windows, roof damage, basement leaks, mold, shingles falling off of the roof and ice dams.

Cost to Homeowners
Without weather proofing, the home has a much higher chance of being damaged after a storm—which is not cheap to repair! The roof, siding, and basement are areas of the home that are affected by severe weather.

Weather Protection Costs
For homeowners, making a small investment in waterproofing materials can have a big impact in the future. The expense to weather proof the home is a small fraction of the investment needed to repair damages from severe weather.

Options for Weatherproofing
Grace Construction Products offers Weather Protection Systems for every area of the home—from the foundation to the roof. These products are specially-designed to protect the home from wind, rain, ice, and water damage. For more information please visit www.GraceResidential.com.


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