Vycor® Flashings

Your home’s windows, doors, sill plates, wall penetrations and corners are some of the most vulnerable areas to water leaks. In order to preserve the energy performance and leak-proof integrity of today’s energy efficient windows and doors, the use of a high quality flashing tape is a must. Grace Vycor® Plus and Vycor® Pro flashings form an air and water tight seal between windows, doors, and the building’s weather barrier material. Protect your home from the dangers of moisture, vapor and air infiltration with Grace Vycor® Flashings.

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  • Protects vulnerable details from moisture penetration
  • Limits air leakage around windows and doors
  • Superior adhesion to common building materials
Data Sheets, MSDS & Related Downloads
  • Close up of self-adhered waterproofing membrane.
  • Installing door and window flashing tape.
  • Vycor door and window flashing tape.
  • Installing door and window flashing tape.

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