Vycor Deck Protector®

A new deck represents a wonderful opportunity to increase your enjoyment and the value of your home. Today’s advanced synthetic and natural wood decking materials promise many years of maintenance free enjoyment. As the longevity of the decking surface increases, it becomes more important to protect the joists, ledger boards, and beams that comprise the decks structure from water damage. Vycor Deck Protector® is a unique flashing tape applied on top of deck joists and beams to prevent water damage and rot. Vycor Deck Protector® also helps to protect joist hangers and other steel fasteners from the corrosive effect of today’s wood treatment chemicals.

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  • Extends the life of deck structures
  • Protects joists against rot and decay
  • Protects connectors against corrosive pressure treated wood preservatives
Data Sheets, MSDS & Related Downloads
  • Vycor deck flashing tape; deck joist protection; joist rot prevention.
  • Installing Vycor Deck Protector, deck protection; deck corrosion protection.
  • Close up of deck flashing tape.
  • Installing deck flashing tape.

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