Grace Ice & Water Shield®

Grace Ice & Water Shield® roofing underlayment offers over 35 years of market proven performance against water damage caused by wind-driven rain or ice dams. It is the first fully-adhered roofing underlayment and provides best in class roof leak protection. Insist on the original, Grace Ice and Water Shield®.

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  • The original- proven performance for 35 years
  • Best adhesion to the roof deck ensures a watertight seal
  • Highest quality seal around fasteners
  • Forms watertight laps without special treatment
  • Ripcord®- split release on demand for easier installation
Data Sheets, MSDS & Related Downloads Product Matrix
  • Grace self-adhered underlayment.
  • Grace Ice & Water shield for roof.
  • Grace Ice & Water Shield.
  • Roof repair using Grace Ice & Water Shield.

Grace Ice & Water Shield® is the brand that I have trusted the most over the last 19 years when it comes to roofing underlayments. I rely on its superior ability to protect the most vulnerable roof details from ice dams and wind driven rains.

Mark Cahill, President of Cahill Roofing Inc.

Legend ---- X = Not Recommended ⨯ = Good ⨯ = Better ◼ = Best
Key Properties Grace Ice &
Water Shield
Grace Ice &
Water Shield HT
Grace Ultra
Temperature Resistance 180°F 260°F 300°F
Adhesion to deck Best Best Best
Lap strength Best Best Best
Nail Sealibility Best Best Best
Exposure 30 Days 120 Days 60 Days
Durability Best Best Best
Asphaltic Aroma Yes Yes No
Green: Recycle Content No Yes No
Roof Type
Shingle Best Better Best
Conc. \ Clay Tile Best Best Best
Slate Tile Good Better Best
Wood Shake Best Best Better
Metal Shingles* Good Better Best
Galv Metal* Good Better Best
Painted Metal* Good Better Best
Zinc Metal Not Recommended Not Recommended Best
Copper Metal Not Recommended Not Recommended Best
Florida & Texas Not Recommended Better Best
Caribbean Not Recommended Better Best
Desert Southwest Not Recommended Good Best
Alpine Regions Good Better Best